Sunday, January 31, 2010

Video Chat Russian Roulette

A good friend of mine, fan of NervousCircle and former DOTW winner, Jeremy Sieverts told me this weekend about this particular website. As soon as he told me what the website was about, I stopped what I was doing (watching a movie) and immediately found a computer. The website is called, and all you do is video chat with random people from all over the world. Like anything on the internet though there are some weirdos on this site, just sitting there with their pants down, jerking off. Now aside from the weirdos beating off, there are some babes you can talk to from all over the place. It sounds creepy right? Oh, believe me it's really fucking creepy but when else can I talk shit to a bunch of German kids about World War II? You might say you can talk shit to some kids on Xbox Live or PS3 Live, well sure, but I don't play video games that much to begin with and I like staring at the person I'm talking shit to.

The only true reason to go on this site is to of course, talk to smoking hot babes. Not in that creepy, "to catch a predator" sense or even in that, "I'm looking for love" E-Harmony sense, but just more of that, "these 4 chicks from Brazil are hot and I will never see them again so let me say some of the dumbest shit to them and see what happens" sense. I know this sounds creepy, but go ahead and check it out, I guarantee you love it. The best part about the website is when you don't want to talk to someone anymore you simply press "Next" which comes in handy when you see a dude just sitting there spanking it. Welp, check it out.

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paige said...

TOM i expect to sketchily see you on chatroulette tonight. and in all seriousness, i will flash you.