Thursday, February 18, 2010

Classic Candy

I know on NC we like to get a bit nostalgic and why the fuck not, it's always great to look back and laugh at the glory days of grass stained jeans and over sized T-shirts. This post isn't about childhood fashion though, it's about Warheads. Warheads are a classic candy, they are sour, sweet and pure awesome. I haven't had a Warhead since I was like 9 years old. Maybe it's a regional thing but I haven't seen a package of Warheads on sale anywhere in the tri-state area. When I went to Butler out in Indianapolis I never saw Warheads on sale either. I mean, I'm sure they were on sale somewhere but I was never really searching for them as I've never craved Warheads.

The other day though, while devouring some SPKs (Sour Patch Kids) a light bulb went off in my head that reminded me of another popular, sweet and sour candy. That candy of course being WHs. I quickly sent out an email to all my friends asking them when the last time they had a WH was. All but one responded that it had been years. Where are these things? Did some crazy parent activist group ban them from stores due to the warning regarding too many can cause tongue irritation? Remember there was a challenge of putting like 5 lemon flavored WHs in your mouth, and seeing if you could handle it? That was the equivalent of walking across hot coals for us as little kids. Really bad ass shit. WHs are still around, in fact you can order them by bulk online. I may have to make a purchase pretty soon and get my WH fix. Anyone else miss WHs?

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Adam said...

we have them in central florida, at walgreens.