Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Olympics Needs Sports

So, as everyone knows the Winter Olympics started the other day and unless you're a complete boner, I'm sure you've tuned in to watch at least one event. If you're like me you've watched a good amount of the Olympics, aside from last night (crazy Bachelor episode, he sent home Gia who is an absolute smokeshow). Now, if you have been watching some of the Olympics you'd realize just how dumb and utterly retarded some of the events are. Figure skating? Is that even a sport? The premier "athlete" for America in figure skating is some flamboyant gay dude, and no I'm not talking about Apolo Ohno, I'm talking about Johnny Weir. I guess that's no surprise as figure skating is the gayest sport. Seriously, it's true, figure skating is gay. It's been with it's partner, gymnastics, for a while now and they actually adopted a child, women's softball.

Anyway, I just don't understand how figure skating qualifies as a sport but whatever, it's one of the highest rated events the Olympics has so it's not leaving anytime soon. Aside from figure skating I also don't understand how the luge or skeleton (face first luge) or bobsledding is considered a sport. To me all of these events belong in the X Games with other insanely nutty (and retarded) events like snowmobile big air. Who invented the luge and all the alike sports? My guess is some really, really drunk guy who didn't have much to live for.


Anonymous said...

Luge is just sledding down a hill. Not really much altheticism involved

ShawdyWhatItDo said...

About figure skating, did you notice that it's full of bishonen (Japanese for "Beautiful Boys") and that the only people coming to watch them are shrieking Japanese fangirls and American or Canadian shut-ins that drag their daughters with them probably spend all their time reading and writing slash fiction?

I mean, I'm very much a female and should understand but I don't get this fascination with gay people at all. I had to have the ladies at Sweet Addictions TV on YouTube explain it for me. According to their queer correspondents, apparently it has to do with women and their physical or mental insecurities.