Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The R-Word is Retarded

For the past couple of days there has been a bunch of controversy over a particular word. A word that I and I'm sure most of you use quite often. Whether you use it to describe a friend, a play-call you see on TV or a dog that chases his tail around, we all use this word. The word is retard. Somehow, Sarah Palin has become the leader in this brigade against those who use the word. She's leading this brigade because her infant son, Trig, has Down syndrome and she is offended by the word. It all started last week when Palin sounded off on the White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel, who apparently said retard in a closed door meeting (Rush Limbaugh also said it, but she didn't mind).

I understand some people may be sensitive to the word, but that doesn't mean we should banish it and act as if it's somehow comparable to the N word. Seriously, everyone in the press has been writing or saying the "R-Word" as opposed to just typing or saying "retard." I don't get what is so wrong about retard? People are acting like this word was used during an oppressive and ugly time for retards like the N word was for black people. Go look up the definition of retard, and go look up the definition of the N word, I'm sure you'll find some distinctive differences.

People who think retard is a bad word need to relax. Look, I'm not here to make fun of retards, I'm here to make fun of the people who think retard is a bad word. I don't get how this word is bad, and how mentally handicapped, or mentally disabled are somehow a better choice. I mean, is calling someone mentally retarded also a better option? If it is well then that's just retarded. That's like saying "no offense" before you offend someone. Putting the word "mentally" in front of it doesn't make it better or any different in my eyes. I hope Sarah Palin calms down but with a recent Family Guy clip going after her over this issue, I just see it gaining more steam. Seth MacFarlane might've really screwed himself over with this clip. He's going to feel the wrath of Palin supporters, and take some heat from Fox executives. What he did was retarded, much in the same way Sarah Palin was retarded when she wrote notes on the palm of her hand when delivering a speech. Wellp, that's it, I hope I didn't offend anyone.

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Mark said...

your a sick fuck, you need to see what its like to have a family member who is mental handicapped. See what thats like then tell me why you shouldnt use the word you dumb fucker.