Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sweet Back Hair

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday but we were busy yesterday with other things, such as working in Spaniard's case, and getting violently ill in mine. I don't think there is anything worse than just sitting around and all of a sudden getting beyond sick for a few hours. I think I ate a bad clementine, because it tasted like shit and after I ate it, I was not feeling too hott for the rest of the day. Ok, enough about me being sick, it's time to write about something gross. The gross topic being back hair. Back hair is an issue I fortunately do not have to deal with. There are however, plenty of people who face this the issue of resembling a gorilla. Now, dudes who have back hair are often times fat. I don't know what the deal is but I think the fatter you are, the more back hair you grow. I'm sure there's some scientific reasoning to this, but I'll tell you what, for fat people it's just a double slap in the face. It's bad enough that they're fat, but then add on back hair and they're considered fat and gross. I can't help but think of the Dirty Work scene when Norm MacDonald asks for his shirt back and the guy is just covered in hair.

Now the worst form of back hair is when a girl has it. Obviously girl back hair is different than a dude's back hair, but that doesn't mean it's not gross. Is there a bigger turn off than back hair on a chick aside from a bad teeth to gums ratio? When I see a girl with noticeable lower back hair, I completely lose my appetite for the day. If I were a girl, and I had some back hair, I'd address this issue right away. As for all the bros out there with back hair, I don't know what to tell you, maybe lose some weight?


jumbro said...

also pretty gross is when a girl has that reaaaaaaal faint hint of a happy trail. that's just an instant debonerizer.

Anonymous said...

i like to get rid of my back hair so the girls can pop my pimp easier. I go to the local asian lady to have it removed via torture 7" by 3" at a time, and being moderately fat that takes way too long, any suggestions?, (other then losing weight) ... anyway you know what really pulls my hair, girls that have extra furry sideburns who don't give me king sized chocolate bars on october 31... real eyes realize real lies